We at NAA pride ourselves on being a full disclosure company. This program overview is designed to give you a look at the basics of interchange based pricing. For a complete list of Visa and MasterCard’s current interchange fee schedule click here -

The Benefit of Interchange pricing - 

Interchange pricing is typically reserved for large volume and multi location merchants. However, NAA, in partnership with HSBC bank has made interchange pricing available to all merchants; regardless of processing volume.

80% of all merchants in the U.S. are currently processing credit cards on a tiered rate structure. In this environment the merchant pays 3 or sometimes 4 different prices on a variety of cards. More often than not most card types, like Debit cards are charged the same rate as typical credit cards; even though the card cost is sometimes 50% cheaper!

We give you direct cost on all associated card types with a static mark-up. (Mark-up is dictated by processing volume and industry type) If you would like a copy of our most recent card type breakdown and rate card email us a request by clicking here.

Keep in mind that on average switching to an interchange pricing structure generally saves merchants in excess of 30% off of their bottom line!  

Pricing Guarauntee - 

With NAA you will never have your rates increased! If Visa MasterCard ever increases or decreases their rates for a specific card type we pass the savings on directly to you! Additionally there is no term of contract; should you decide to switch your services at any time you will not be charged any fees!

Never shop around again!!! -

While a customer of NAA we will always honor any rate quoted by one of our competitors. Simply fax or email the quote and if it turns out to be lower we will match it on the spot!

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